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Procurement processes in the transit industry are labor intensive, cumbersome, time consuming and costly to transit agencies and suppliers. Other than the fax machine and the purchase card, there have been few, if any, time and cost-saving innovations introduced in the transit industry procurement process in recent times. The Internet, which has already transformed the ways in which businesses solve problems, is an ideal tool for improving procurement processes for suppliers and their customers.

Pricing Plans

Our pricing plan for the transit agencies is based on annual operating expense. Please download the pricing plan by clicking here.

Click here to download the Transit Agency Buyer User Guide

How does TransportMAX fit your organization?

There are two ways to use TransportMAX. For a small transit agency, we recommend that you start in a non-integrated fashion. This allows you instant access to our vendor database and it will keep your up front costs to a minimum.

For larger agencies, we recommend the integrated solution. An integration allows your company to reap the benefits of complete procurement life-cycle automation. Double data entry will be eliminated and your buyers will have more time for value added activities.

How to get started?

1. Contact Mike Corcoran at 707-853-2222 or email him at

2. Review and sign the user agreement

3. Integrate with TransportMAX (if applicable) and start using TransportMAX.

Suppliers select a Usage Plan online. Suppliers pay a $25 Registration Fee then select the Flat Fee Usage Plan. No Transaction Fees! The Tier 1 Plan provides up to $2500 in online sales for FREE! Download our Fee schedule for more details.
TransportMAX Pricing Plan

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