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As an Internet-based, integrated procurement tool, TransportMAX offers suppliers the potential to reduce sales processing time and costs while at the same time improving their ability to communicate with customers.

The benefits to your company are enormous. You will have improved access to your existing as well as new customers. You will reduce your bid processing time and costs. You will have access to analysis data that will improve your competitiveness in the marketplace.


Current Transit Agencies

CT Transit

Pricing Plans

We offer suppliers a flat fee, up front pricing structure. There are no transaction fees. We provide suppliers with a No risk entry point. Our tier 1 plan provides up to $2500 in online sales at NO CHARGE. There are also volume discounts for higher Usage Plans.

You may change, update, or cancel your account through our real-time Account/Billing management system.

Click here to download the Supplier User Guide

How many Suppliers are on TransportMAX?

There are over 400 suppliers actively trading on TransportMAX. Please click here to download the complete list.

Ready to Join?

Click on the "register" link at top of this page. Then complete the easy to follow steps. Once your company's registration has been approved, you will have access to open RFQs from all of the participating transit agencies. You may also create a free storefront to increase your company's exposure to the transit agencies.

Suppliers select a Usage Plan online. Suppliers pay a $25 Registration Fee then select the Flat Fee Usage Plan. No Transaction Fees! The Tier 1 Plan provides up to $2500 in online sales for FREE! Download our Fee schedule for more details.
TransportMAX Pricing Plan

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